Friday, September 10

" conversation was with him was bad", "its not love, its need”,"I don’t feel good about my job anymore".......Our mind never rests. Something or the other keeps jiggling inside. Some of us know exactly how to talk about it either bluntly or politely, but some after a long mull over session, finally take a pen and jot it down as if it’s the next chapter in psychology exam or a profitable quotation. Because for them writing and then letting it go is the most feasible option.
"Intimacy blurs Perception”. You keep gathering several thoughts, put them in your diary and in the end you are done with the feeling, happy or sad. Your perception has been given a full stop. Who came to know what you really feel? " I can not help it", " let it go" " just deal with what’s coming next" and keep writing your ' confused mind' on a piece of paper or to put it correctly - make a useless piece of paper the only gainer of your benefited eloquence , which in reality people might admire if they would know. But let no one know and keep writing till the day when the lock of this secret diary will get covered with rust, not even letting you know the things, the feelings you wrote. You've forgotten why you wrote, how you felt. Keen to know what’s next in scene? You die. End of your thoughts, which nobody came to know.
P.S. even I write a diary, to remember what each moment is giving to me. The feelings, happiness, sorrow, laughter but at the same time I find it equally necessary to dialogue it to real people.

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