Friday, September 10

"Relationship”, one gaze at this word and we are surrounded with thoughts. Some go on a reverse journey of their love affair, some say "oh! very difficult”, some think of their mothers, some of the ones who have left this world , some of their pets and some just read the next word. But isn't it magical that this world holds together all of mankind. By communicating with the people around, known or unknown, we discover an inexplicable bond between us. The bond which stays forever.
But in the present era, is this really as simple as it looks or do we believe that just by saying the word ' simple’, relationships actually become simple. No. If we come to think about it, the complexity of relationships is the only factor which keeps them growing. Because if they'd been all simple and just we would have never endeavored giving them our heart and soul. For instance, if you see the same person every morning at the bus stop while going to work and all you do is 'smile' for a bright morning and move on, that is not what a relationship is because that has no extension to it , its a routine thing the way you brush your teeth. But someday your bus got late and you got a chance to have a conversation, knowing his deeds, grabbing whatever useful knowledge he has, understanding his perception , and you even think about it when you are not with the person....that is what a relationship is.
Therefore, simple is not a word for relationships. As no relationship is 'simple'. It’s either good, not good, fun, sensual, lustful, heavenly, spiritual and so on. But to all of them 'complex' is always there. And complex does not mean that it is hard for you to carry yourself with it but signifies the continuous need for your inputs. So whenever a relationship gets more complex, always start to give in more of yourself because the bond is growing wider and bigger. And it is certainly not a burden. Its just God’s way of making you aware of the capabilities of handling one of his divine creations-Humans.

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