Friday, September 10

I recently got an opportunity to have a self trip to Ahemdabad where I had to manage everything on my own. There was a sudden feeling which arose inside me, that we can acknowledge our individual belonging in this world only when we are left out to explore, every horizon which interests us. There’s an all new place, new people and new culture. It was one trip where i deepened my thoughts for every little thing I saw and derived something positive out of it. A trip where more than my legs, my brain was walking, into the areas where everything was fresh and untouched. Gujarat, I heard, is a land where people live for people. Social bonding and pleasures really means life for them. And I surely can not put a dubiety on it. They are smiling inside out. I remember I had lost my way back to the National Institute of Design (NID) guest house where I was living and hesitated to ask anybody as they might take the opportunity for a wrong deed. But trust me, if you can't trust a person you can definitely get a sense of support by the way they approach your problems. And a faithful look in their eyes and the tone of their speech helps you remember and respect the place forever. It was the first time I felt that 'Atithi Deva Bhava' does really hold an importance.
Mostly people hesitate or get irritated while traveling as it gets tiring and sometimes boring but it’s a heaven for my mind and my thoughts. The faster the train would run, the quicker and healthier my thoughts would get. It wasn't just an excitement but a feeling of stepping onto a ground where you can see thousands of footsteps and another one which you are going to engrave. The thoughts just got more poetic as I unraveled new visions that were changing outside my window as if they are inside it and I am looking into a television. Living there and experiencing a new place was a total bliss not that I got the opportunity to be alone but I figured out that a journey is not just ' You on Wheels ' but something more meaningful. It’s an experience which gives you the time with yourself, to see the things with a mind which has left all the ' modern problems' of the world and is now ready to explore a new vision of life.

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