Friday, August 15

"Lets Pretend to be Happy and Independent "

After a thousand peaceful and devastating protests, we received as what we call Independence.
It's been 68 years and we should be proud of it. 'Should be', but are we? 

Now when the whole nation says we are advancing, Modi-fied with our new man in charge who beautifully talks about toilets in his long Independence Day speech, I sit there on my table wondering is it me losing it or does India actually need to start growing from something as little as a toilet (pun Strongly intended). Any-which way, loved how he spoke about these things, never heard any big-man talking about "Toilets" with us. 

But the question here is of Independence, after being Modi-fied myself, I left the TV and started pondering, Is it my freedom to piss properly that matters or do women need more than that?

Maybe when an employer puts a hand on some female's thigh, she will need a "toilet" to shove the shock and terror up hers' and come out pretending Nothing' happened. Maybe when a freak will grab female assets in public humiliating the womanhood out of her, she will need a "toilet" to cry and wish she could remain a little girl with no bums and boobs. And maybe even the strongest of women need a "toilet" before they have to speak up front of sixty men ogling, because she has this fear she might not return home in one piece. 
So definitely, a toilet is the need of the hour! 

I feel helpless that being a woman I have to be content with the little luxuries  being, huge home, heavy financing, foreign trips, and of course the gold and the diamond bits. Only there is no better choice of contentment for a woman, I completely agree but what if they want more. What if I want big luxuries like walking on the road, fearless? 

Then these clean toilets aren't going to make me feel relieved. 
Everyday I hear or read articles, and chat with my girlfriends about how hard all of us have to try to bridge the gap between men and us. It gets tiring because even if you work hard professionally and if your boss is only paying you to look at your cleavage then nothing becomes worth the hard work. 

I mean, do these men ever jolt their graymatter and have the slightest idea of what a woman will feel like. She might even start thinking if she's giving out whorish energies to the world.

Then I ask everybody the same question, Are women Independent? 
A no with hatred and disgust is what I have been hearing all these years. I wish I could call it a Happy Independence Day, but I genuinely feel Independence should not be something written in papers sixty eight years ago and hulahooping' the same thing for the rest of the civilization till date. 

Times have changed but not the mind sets. I may be wrong with all these thoughts knowing that India being an extremely complexed country where there are ten different kinds of public, from those sleeping under the Metro bridge, to those spending weekends on  top of Burj Khalifa, to those finding their middle identities in between. They need to be taken care off differently. But this is about Women, who are handled, rather mishandled by most of men this country has. So this can not be a Happy day, at least for me. And I am sure every women at one point or the other feels the same.

You can not feel the freedom when you look all modern but are intimidated by those beastly eyes when you go out for a walk. This is not called Independence.Women are losing respect with every passing year and there is nothing to celebrate about this. I pray for the day where every female in this country could pootle all chin-up, smirking at all these type of men with their groin covered up. And Good Lord, will they understand what it feels like to treat your body parts as your shame.

Till then, it's a Happy Dependence Day to all my beautiful Ladies out there. 


P.S. 'All men are not same, but when a girl goes public, not every man is willing to see her like somebody's wife, sister or mother.'

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