Thursday, March 6

"You are magic, I am magic, This world is Magic"

There are times in our lives where we feel collapsed under the burden of problems around us. We say, "The world wasn't made for me, I better be dealing with my baggage and be up and running soon". But is it necessary, always, to think like that. Think like you have to die fighting, for Job, for money, for education, for good people, for peace. It can be really simpler than simple, We say" The world WAS made for me, Yes I better stop thinking that there is any baggage and run to live my beautiful life because it's all magic happening every minute."
Magic when tears roll down and suddenley you get a call from a friend to make you roll down from bed laughing. Magic when you sit on the park bench trying to finish a problem and a toddler comes up ,and  you deviate only to find the answer to your problem. Magic when you get grumpy over that expensive coffee cup on the aircraft, and then you see the most beautiful marshalling of clouds and your coffee becomes worth it. Magic when you meet a person for seconds years ago and after years now,  you're seconds away to marry him.
This life is Magic. You are too. Hence, I too am.

You could be in an instant surrounded by things, only if you need them. "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find it; knock and it will be opened to you. {7:7 Holy Bible}". Just believe your life is always guided by a good force, guided on bigger things excluding shelter, clothes , dollars and morons. Ofcourse, this life is a fight. But we've changed the reason for this fight. The reason has always been something else. We fought for a Life, not just a lifestyle.

This week, try living it simpler, loving simple things such as giving yourself a break from work and dancing to your favourite tune or continuing with your work with as simple a protocol as taking up One thing for a day and accomplishing it at the end. Take up small and simple, give it your best and you'll be happiest when it's done. 
Arguments, adrenaline, disagreements, disappointments and PMS will always make you want to throw a grenade at this world but just breathe In', all of that, because after it, will be your big Magic.
"After one royally screwed day, comes Three heavenly days". Live this formula and one day you'll be all grey-haired thinking how many happy days you have spent. And this life will be Magic, You are too. Hence, I too am. 

To all the Magic people,

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