Saturday, September 11

Can i sing ??

"Spring has past , Summer has gone , and Spring is here . And the song that i meant to sing remains unsung "
                                        I see the openness encompassing the sky
                                          the freshness building within leaving me no boundaries
                                          my urge to let loose the hidden child knocks frequently
                                          'I hear the tune but i just look'
I see momma' mixing all the aromatic spices in the kitchen
for me to forget the bitter picture and grow with the sweetness of her hands
i walk towards her, to say thank you
'I hear the tune but i just look'

I see the man who envisaged my little eyes when he held me the first time,
as the eyes that shall see the good.
the man who stood up being my aegis, loving every year of me,
the years got bigger and wilder , but his love remained alike
he stands there talking with someone , i look at the hands,
and still looked bigger than mine. i move ahead to hold em' once again
'I hear the tune but i just look'

I see a girl who waited for me to come out of the womb.
Amazing the feeling was for her back then,
and the amazement never can die 'she says                                    
i still am unable to realize why she always quit first in a fight
i see her dealing with her own grown up life, i get up to kiss her
'I hear the tune but i just look'

I see a boy who found me when i needed love 
he saw me in all my moods' and never complained
i see him now playing football ,the happiness on his face
makes me think whether i was able to inculcate a lasting love?
the words plead for a leeway, i start walking closer
'I hear the tune but i just look'

I see my folks getting way ahead in their lives ,
i call them to say they still are geniuses vexing every part of me,
we never stop rolling down, laughing on our own selves
the phone gets disconnected but never my desire to tell them
how much i miss them', my fingers start to redial...
'I hear the tune but i just look'
I see every fourth human being living in a deep melancholy
i hear their notes , feel their pain and their urge for a change.
my hands are ready to cling onto theirs , yet they tremble
i feel the lack of trust .... i demand a change in my perceptions
'I hear the tune but i just look'

The song of my life i always can hear
the tunes aren't creating a symphony
not because they're unclear but
because i let them drown in fear.

MOST of us live our lives with our greatest song remaining unsung.
let your real self get out of you.
love all the moment .

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