Tuesday, April 12


I look back and find my childhood a mere 'hoot' for the public.  They pried my mother and assured her that t'was a fight for "OUR"  land- Kashmir. Its been 10 years and the assurance still lingers. But i don't see our belonging to our land.

May be the "Line of Control"  has surpassed all humanity.

Infinite liters of blood have submerged within this land and still i hear voices say t'was a ' libation' for their religion and the blood has gone for the gods. May be the ' Line of Control' accepts this kind of  so called 'legal' tavern which sells blood among the people and make em' high in devastation and fear. I am made flesh-Blood n Bone but have no body to call my own, no land to live and for  
'them' may be i don't even exist. A big-wig died in a blast yesterday and i see a hateful reverberation.

May be the " Line of Control" decides that a thousand more dead bodies will equal this man's dying.

I am innocent and all i want is to see a place where more adults like me can go out, recce the beauty that ' could have' sustained in this paradise. But the paradise is history now turned into a battlefield and we are loitering as a bunch of zombies seen by no one, heard by no one, yet assured that the fight is for OUR land- Kashmir. For me and some more thousand innocents it is a life threatening question; THE chaos has prolonged more than a decade. Now i have gone numb towards the man who lay dead either in a uniform or a pathani kurta' 
All i want to ask is: Has every one forgotten about the brotherhood that once existed on this land, the people who belonged and were born here?

May be this time the " Line of Control" has notified the fight-for only the land and not for the people.

So i say, Go ahead and keep the war lifted up.
And i assume someday Kashmir will either be at the right
of LOC or the left but am afraid its own people won't be there to
raise their hands to god, only these few papers to let them be aware
                                           CONTROL!! !! !! !!
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