Tuesday, July 26

Living on a Cemetery of Dreams......

Life is an unfaltering race; of thoughts, successes, failures, broken bonds, unbroken bonds, good deeds, bad deeds and this indeed is an unceasing race. We don't want to see ourselves 'not wining' and we keep running , unconsciously hoping to be winged and elevate us. But how many of us actually stop for a while and probe the mere reason of our being in the race? I am sure many of  us did, do or want to, some get an answer some don't. Even i did not get a "Soul-call" so i thought i should be getting back to running but could not. The answer of my being in the race is still a question mark but i did found myself running on the Cemetery of my own Dreams. Because when i stopped i saw a dozen catacombs of the little dreams i someday dreamt............

Dreams that were not meant to make my night exciting but dreams that took my sleep away for days....they lay dead,....and unfulfilled . And that made me cease my own race because i have to bring those unfulfilled dreams back to life.
"THERE CAN BE NO FAILURE UNTIL I SURRENDER TO FAIL"...just when i thought i am beyond broken to dream again, 'some force' has made me fall in love with the word 'failure'. And i acknowledge these  graves were not meant to be dug.
We shed countless tears, refrain ourselves from dreaming again but a day  comes when we realize the mere ground beneath us is a cemetery of dreams-millions of them!!
So now i know, where my feet are, and before i wing myself' , i endeavor to become my own god and extricate  these dreams from the dead.......'my own God' as i am still too stubborn to give a name to that 'force'!! :)

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