Wednesday, December 25

The proactive girl

Pink - Pretty - Petite girls ! 
What flashes in our heads? Barbie dolls ? Rich blondes, maybe ? 
In these times of drought for respect and a downpour of rapes, we have started acting like defeatists , who are angry and miserable at the same time. Angry enough to desex the accused and miserable enough to just behold these baby crawling sexual laws and do nothing. 
Ergo, it is not our fault that we have started looking at pink - pretty and petite girls as weak natured, mentally as well as physically.

But the question is , are girls supposed to be Hulks' in protecting their honeypots from some sick rascals? Should they carry cricket bats and knives instead of clutches? Are we scared of this pink prettiness now, Just because it has become a notion that the more you flaunt your womanhood and attributes connected to it, the more you are jeopardising your body. 

I have always been more inclined towards tomboyish rather than my pink side, and honestly, from the first ever rape case i heard to thousands till date , i too, started irking with these pint-sized girls (with no offence) and  their 'not wanting to kill the bastard' look when they got groped in public. But the thing i learnt is that managing your actions and reactions proactively gives you the power of being the kind of woman you already are. Hulk or Pink doesn't make a difference. Your proactive brain does! 
God made a girl heavenly beautiful from the outside let alone inside because that is going to take me to another wonderful tangent altogether. And Lord , she has a right to look all pink - pretty and petite in public. 

Why changing your comforts when you are ogled at ,by perverts. The power lies in your brain, the way it reacts to the ogling. If you are a kind who will smash balls' and make eyes black and blue , feel free. If you are kind who will give devilish smirks and use the word of mouth ability to publicly demean the rascal , feel free. But freedom is what you should be carrying with you all the time. This feeling of 'feel free' should be your strength in taking actions. 

You will not be saved by a He-man or even a boyfriend as these deviants are mental enough to behead him before they proceed further. YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOUR. Know where you are, get information about every unknown place if you're leaving alone on a project or work or recce always keep some loved ones in the loop with wherever the road is leading you. Learn to judge a little bit when talking to strangers. Learn the difference between Day light and Owl light and how you chose your conveyance during these hours. Office and Bar are two different places , likewise taking help or helping yourself are two different actions. 
If a man tries to cross a limit in office , raise voice-' Literally'. If a man tries to cross a limit in a Bar , tell him you have a penis instead of looking for your boyfriend. That is how this world works 'now', and you should be updated instead of giving your complaint boxes to useless policemen.

Yes, you can't change the world standing alone as a girl - Bitter Truth.
But you can change minds of people who've held misconceptions about your being 
Pink and Petite - Proactive. 

Being a girl shouldn't make you weak.You may not be physically capable of fighting off six men , But do not let that fear run your life and your brain.
Be confident with yourself and have faith nothing will go wrong. Be wise , brain wise.

Love to all. 

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